Monday, January 12, 2009

Don Quixote

Aki is reading Don Quixote. Every day or so she gives Kai and I an update on Don's exploits.

Reminds me a bit of Notes From the Underground by Dostoevsky in the way that you almost want to close your eyes before it happens again. Before Quixote attacks again, donning his barber's basin. Before the underground man delves deeper into the depths of human despair and humiliation.

 Two stories more opposite to each other.

Our shop in the evening.

Thinking one's onto something when everyone else thinks you're insane.

A tragic folly? Interesting to consider these two stories from our little spot in the bush, with no curtains on our windows. Here we are thinking we are perfectly sane...

We are 43 dozen eggs ahead of ourselves.

Most winters our chickens take it easy and almost come to a halt in egg production.

During one of the cold spells, one of the chickens decided to go out for a stroll, found a nice spot under our work truck, and found herself frozen to the ground. That evening when we went to close up the coop we discovered we were missing one, went looking but couldn't find her. The next morning (-26 C) Kai found her under the truck, clucking softly. It took several buckets of warm water and an evening in a box infront of the woodstove, but she seems to have recovered completely.

We are eating a lot of eggs.

The temperatures of Winters past.
Some Chilcotin neighbours say 30 years ago it would hold at -40 C for weeks and dip to -50, -60 some nights.

I found that the wood stove door became a regular workbench for me.

The beast that plows our road.

We don't feel insane but are still trying to understand the point.

Just put in our seed order for the spring. Hope springs eternal.


  1. hi
    Kenji wrighting!

  2. Beautiful pics and great writing... enjoyed browsing through your blog. Respect!
    We've met twice, at Tom's place and in Barkerville at the candy store, your neighbor from across the river,

  3. I have read your blog site twice in 24 hours! I have just recently delved into a site for myself. When it is "something" I will send you a link. I am anxious to record a trip to Newfoundland next summer, - via motor home. I was there, with my Spaniel, as passenger behind me on my Honda Goldwing in '03. This time a friend with her Cockapoo and me with my Standard Poodle. Can't wait. I will send you an email regarding some of your blog comments. Frank Schroeder, the guy with the 94 GMC and blade. Chow...