Sunday, January 19, 2020

Survival or "Indian Time"

 Awhile ago, sitting in my truck on a cold winter evening listening to a radio program on CFNR called "Journeys", an indigenous-run show out of Terrace B.C., the guest talked about "Indian time". What Indian time was.
When salmon are running it is time to fish. If you don't you'll starve over the winter. When salal berries are ripe it's time to pick or they're gone for the season. A simple idea. Do or don't, live or die.

Chilcotin frozen trees
Frozen trees

 Indian time is about survival. Indian time is about life whether it's about food, finances, relationships or keeping control of your car in a tight situation.

window frost
Kitchen Window frost

Understanding critical times. Times that can determine our survival.

 Our son played tournament chess, at 13 he was challenging the best players in the country. The game is about critical thinking, recognizing critical times and situations. A tool for children to learn about consequences. Indian time.
winter cold

 I just fell hard, cracked ribs, that night the temperature went down to -45C. Pipes froze, nothing would start.. no ambulance service. We kept the fires burning. Indian time dictated that we hunker down, stay warm and didn't move.

Frozen lake and reeds
Wilderness survival
It seems to us that everyone should pay heed to Indian time as the climate changes, populations increase and the planets resources are being depleted.

Aki and Scott 

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