Friday, December 13, 2019

Encountering a Wolf Pack

Roots in the morning

wolves in the boreAL forestEncountering wolves on a morning walkI'd just rounded a fallen spruce tree that was blocking the old logging road about a kilometre from our house when I found myself in the midst of a pack of about a dozen wolves. They'd been chasing our two dogs (who had been running ahead of me) and had arrived at the spruce tree at the same time as myself.  Utterly surprising to both parties, and there were minutes spent just milling about, uncertain as to what came next.  Our two dogs, courage boosted by this pause, decided to turn and give chase themselves.  The wolves turned, ran for a bit, then turned back to resume their pursuit.  This happened three times, with the wolves stopping just before they reached me, unafraid but wary.  I had picked up a stick and was waving it and yelling at our dogs to quit their foolish behaviour.  I finally had to give the dogs a whack to make them listen, and turned towards home.  The wolves followed for a spell - I could hear them in the bush, but then it was quiet.  The grey one whom I took to be the leader had stopped and was looking at me, from a distance of about 5 metres.  Quiet and calm.  The wolf turned and loped away.  Then I remembered the camera.    Aki.

We live in their space. Wolves, bears, moose and cats. Never had a problem with any animal here in 22 years except, of course,  human. 

Aki and Scott

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