Monday, February 18, 2008

A Conversation in 2004

Hi Scott and Aki.

I have been sending The following testimonial to a few people:

"Speaking of beauty... I wanted to pass on a little conversation I’m having with a friend of mine, Scott, who lives in the bush, no hydro.... He makes a living making carving tools, chef and hunting knifes. All made from the sun. He is astounded that we are fighting wars; killing people over energy. Mean while every day huge amounts of energy are delivered free to every home on earth.

From my friend Scott:

When I get up in the morning I race out and face my solar panels to the sun.
I was in the shop all day yesterday, full sun all day. 3 hours straight on the grinder, + 1 hour sanding on my machine, + 1 1/2 hours drilling and reaming on the drill press, then 3 1/2 hours on the computer with the satellite connection (it takes power as well), 2 hours of tv with a light on for three hours and I still have plenty of power stored (in batteries) to email you this morning. It's looking like it's going to be a beautiful sunny day today again. We can't use all the power. Oh ya, the freezer was on for 3 hours yesterday.
You guys could have systems running easily. I don't understand why you don't. A solar array (250 - 300 watts), a regulator, an inverter. Total cost is around $2500 - $3000. That's it.
It is so simple. You can start right now by building a sun tracker, you need to follow the sun. I built one for $35. If anyone tries to tell you that you must have more or says you can't do it for that, they’re full of it.


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  1. Hi Scott and Aki

    This post has me very excited because my husband and I are seriously planning to homestead here in north central BC using solar (maybe wind too).

    Anyway the main "mental hurdle" was the fact that my husband wants to run his shop tools (he's a knifemaker too, he's seen you on bladeforums, that's how I found your site and this blog) and we weren't sure that solar would support it without spending a small fortune on arrays and batteries.

    I do have one small question. How many batteries do you use??

    If you want to email me my email addy is elisa then the number 2 at telus dot net

    Thanks a bunch!
    Lisa Ellis