Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Heart of Winter

Is so much information.
Everything is information. I
Seem to hear everywhere. A barrage. Seemingly all
Out of proportion. Overwhelming. Confusing.
Frightening. Floundering, until I pick out a familiar sound. It could
Be a voice, the way a hammer hitsa nail directly on the head, a perfect connection.
Suddenly my own space expands.
I fade and block certain sound. I can
Pick up more familiarity,more sounds, until every sound I hear is familiar.
The sounds of a city become mesmerizing.
So much sound is communicated is untrue
misguided, illogical,
Nonsense, malice.
This information surrounds us, can destroy us…
Survival in any space depends on the way we adapt to that space.
The State of being free.
(or maybe we're just bushed)
Snow ice cream
Mix together in a big bowl:
1 egg
half cup sugar
half cup milk, cream or evaporated milk
1 tsp vanilla

Add snow and flavouring (maple syrup is good) and stir!

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