Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Blue Skies


Everyone is seeing blue skies. Some living in the cities are seeing clear skies for the first time.
Staying at home,  being alone,  thinking.

Schools have begun pointing their students online. Face to face teaching.

Online education, arguably the best instruction on the net is, We've been utilizing this source, full time for 10 years.

There is an online webinar with Bill Gates and the founder of Khan Academy, Sal Khan, this Friday. Watch live on Facebook. Watch live on Youtube.

Some information about dedicated home schooling, pros and cons.

With Khan Academy and maybe some new sites being whipped together now (Khan Academy started in  2008), homeschooling will be an easier and a better education for many.

In one crazy way a revolution has begun. Don't doubt that governments are taking advantage. It's time for everyone to be hypersane and hypersensitive. Most of the politicians, at least in North America, I wouldn't trust to clean out our shed. Stay vigilant.

Aki and Scott

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