Thursday, February 14, 2019

What is Bushcraft to Us?

Sitting at the laptop connected via satellite from a cabin in the bush on the edge of the Chilcotin Plateau B.C. Amazing times connection.  Aki is preparing lunch, greens from our bush garden she had dried in the summer, eggs
oyster mushrooms and nky caps
from our chickens, the oyster mushrooms we harvested from the aspen groves, boletes from around the young pines and some pork from a pig raised for us by an organic farmer.

mushrooms drieing in the sun, sundried for winter

Dried bolete

Food drieing shed
Dried greens

Cowboys came through our place on horseback in the fall looking for stray cattle that roam the bush.
They know a lot about the bush.
There are others in the out there.

There is a lot more to bushcraft from our point of view.  For the past few weeks the temperature has been between -25 and -35 C. We light and keep fires burning. We cook on a wood stove. Heat with a wood stove. The sauna has a wood stove. The shop is heated with a wood stove although any temperature below -15 renders the shop too cold to work in. We have never cut a live tree for firewood.  
Gathering firewoodEver year we suss out standing dead trees. Between the pine beetle and the destruction
the logging industry leaves behind. There is a lot of dry wood. There's no hardwood here so we need at least 5 cords.

Forest fires.

Fire. Then it's Gone, 

sundrieing tomatoes

 In a few weeks we'll start tomato and pepper plants. Grow them close to the wood stove heat. 
Sun dried., canned. Tomatoes make living in the bush easier.

 We have one line coming in from a shallow well. Our cabin has no foundation so an insulated box with a small automobile 12v light keeps the pipe from freezing.

 The outhouse's frozen stalagmite is growing. Got to dig deeper.
Outhouse hole being dug
Judo training

saw blade, chain saw blade and head saw teeth.

Everyday is a challenge living in the bush.

 The craft is in using everything and living by our wits. It's so simple. Easy and hard.

Aki and Scott

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