Monday, September 14, 2015

You Are What You Eat (feeding your food).

We sprouted whole wheat,
Covered it with water .
Stirred in some apple cider vinegar,
like they said,  and
it started to ferment.

Two containers, one to soak and sprout,
one to ferment.
Feed from the ferment. Replenish the ferment
sprouting grain.

Big happy chickens.
At eleven weeks thirty eight meat birds were very active and healthy. Twenty eight of them weighed between 5 and 6 kg.
Two chickens with leg problems were slaughtered earlier.
At twelve weeks the last ten came in the same, between 5 and 6 kg.
Treating our food with respect costs...time.

Aki and Scott

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  1. My husband is looking for an ulu for me. He took me to your blog. We live in rural Upstate New York. I grew up gardening and using what we had to produce enough to feed a family of 5 with two hungry boys. We raised 60 chickens, a dozen or so rabbits for food, two geese, three ducks, a pig and my two horses. Horse manure is great fertilizer, low enough nitrogen to just mix with the soil. Chicken manure is too hot to use in the soil as is rabbit manure but my dad discovered putting some in a barrel and adding water and allowing it to steep for a bit then watering the plants worked really well. It really puts a lot of green into any plant. Great for greens and Cole veggies but care with tomatoes or fruit bearing plants, fertilize early then once plants are established stop and just water so they will produce fruit. Otherwise you will have the tomato plants from hell with giant trunks and huge leaves but not buds! With the short growing season you and I both have getting plants started and established early is the key to a good harvest. We can or freeze everything. Your pics are beautiful, you live in the presence of majesty. Enjoy it every day!