Monday, May 28, 2007

May 27th. They're here.

While I sit, I'm attacked.
I've got to keep moving and my typing isn't fast enough.
They're swarming around me and biting .

They're coming in somewhere. All we can figure is that they're coming in with us, on us, everytime we come back in after being outside.

There are so many mosquitos.
Oh man I can't write this post. They're biting my fingers.

With clear hot days like these it will dry up and they'll have no place to breed. They will be gone for another year.

Monday, May 21, 2007

We live in the bush. On the edge of the Chilcotin plateau in British Columbia. We are isolated, no neighbours, off the grid.

Our power comes from the sun through photo electric panels. We are connected by satellite to the internet.

Right now we're putting our garden in. We grow most of our food, trade for some, forage a fair bit for mushrooms ,shoots, dandelion roots and flowers, wild onions hunt and fish some and the rest we buy.

11 yrs ago we said goodbye and moved from the city into the bush. Leaving, looking for freedom to create, paradise to be free and get what we thought was crazy with society out of our faces.

It is nothing like we thought it was going to be.